Dogs For Sale

Breeds Available:
Australian Cattle Dog
Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherd
German Shepherd
Other breeds are available upon request

Puppies and Young Adults Available


Belgian Malinois - Puppies and Adults

From great working stock excellent for personal protection, executive security police or military


Belgian Malinois - 2 year old male
  • Excellent temperament
  • Advance obedience
  • Level two protection trained and house broken.
  • Great for family companion or single woman with children.
  • Very easy to handle.


    German Shepherds

    Puppies and young adults available for family companionship personal protection or executive security


    American Pit Bulls

    • Great with kids
    • Well socialized very controlled excellent temperament
    • Family protection trained level one and two.




    • Advance obedience
    • Housebroken beautiful young adults a child’s best friend
    • Well socialized, 3 to choose from


    Rottweiler –
    Fully trained young adults from family companions, personal protection levels one or two to executive security




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