1. Obedience
2. Puppy grooming and development (offered to puppies 6 weeks to 16 weeks)
3. Basic obedience on leash which includes the 5 basic commands
    a. Sit
    b. Down
    c. Stay
    d. Heel
    e. Come
4. Advance obedience which includes: (Basic obedience included)
    a. Sit and down from a distance with verbal or hand signals
    b. Sit in motion
    c. Down in motion
    d. Stay through distractions and at a distance
    e. Coming through distractions and at a distance
5. Behavior modification courses includes but is not limited to preventing your pet from doing the following:
    a. Not jumping on people
    b. Running through doors
    c. Helping with nerve issues and building social skills
This is to aid in adjustment to your shy, timid dog that may bite out of fear to a much more calm and confident pet.
6. House Breaking

Protection Training

Protection Level I
A protection trained K9 will become alert at any sign of danger. The K9 will be able to stand as a protector. As the owner you will be able to command the animal to stand his ground at the end of the leash and bark without taking a bite.

Protection Level II
K9s will undergo stressful real life scenarios such as gunfire, water, break-ins, carjacking, food refusal & multiple attackers. In theses scenarios your K9 will learn how to become alert on command as well as bite and return to a calm state on command.

Protection Level III
K9s who go through this level of training will be able to work with or without a handler. These K9s will be able to deal with multiple attackers and work in a crowed area; we also customize K9s for executive security, personal body guard.

Guard Dog Rental
Customized training of K9s for property patrol